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Unreal Engine 5 - Smoke Column - Niagara Fluids Simulation - Notes and Doc

Hello and welcome to the universe of possibilities through Unreal Engine 5, today we explore a bit of it's new content, Niagara Fluids simulations.

Unreal Engine was already a beast of its own in it 4.27 version, reaching 5 created an interesting gap in-between, especially for VFX.

In this version, Unreal provides more tools to avoid starting from scratch while being able to fully personalize your content. Through its Niagara Fluid starter content, you can create a very large variety of smoke effects, for games and for cinematics.

Through the basic "Grid 3D Gaz Explosion", you can make low res smoke which you can alter yourself, or by using the many variables available in both the System User Parameter or through the Emitter Summary's Controls within the Niagara System.

Grid, Simulation, Render, Debug, Scalability, and Source are the large categories within the Emitter Summary of the NS (Niagara System). While you can manually alter most of them, the big lines are already tweakable in the User Parameter section of the System Properties.

It's "Grid 3D Gaz Explosion Cine" counterpart is pretty much the same, although it lets you add more resolution and lets you customize the texture of the smoke with a material of your own.

At first hand, the non-Cine can be resource consuming for your game, but it can be used for quick blocking, and can be adapted to be more game-friendly along the way.